C. Robert Holloway


My work space

All new production: Choreography, Music, Design

Dangerous Crossing
 Memoir of a Fateful Trip
Charlie, The Wonder Cat
a children's novel for adults.  
 Wretched Excess
Nine Wickedly Wry Tales
The Legend of Jean Lafitte

My Letters From Ludwig

Novel about the 'Mad' King

The Unauthorized Letters of Oscar Wilde
Hemingway First Novel Grand Prize

Oscar & Speranza
Stage Play

La Cité d' Amour

Stage Extravaganza about New Orleans

The American Nightmare
Stage Play (with Richard N. Levine)

Paradise Found

Hawaiian Musical Spectacular

An Evening with Spike Jones
Stage Revue

We the People Talk & Sing
Stage Revue

Los Pretty Americanos
Stage Revue