C. Robert Holloway

Literary Reviews


Dangerous Crossing  Memoir of a Fateful Trip  

"I congratulate you on taking a forgotten story about two lost souls and turning it into a sobering take on modern-day tragedy that has an impact on us all."  REX REED, NY OBSERVER.

"A beautiful homage, brimming with equal parts laughter and pathos while truth radiates from every page." TERRENCE SHANK, Director/Actor, South Africa.  

CHARLIE, THE WONDER CAT, A Children's Novel for Adults

"A minature masterpiece.  Holloway's magnificent tribute to his Charlie has stayed with me days after the reading, as though it were itself a sort of feline presence following me around."  Thomas Wright, Critic, Author, Oxford, England.   

Wretched Excess, Wickedly Wry Tales - 9 interrelated stories

"Recalls my privileged youth - sitting at the feet of various Hollywood spellbinders, hanging on their every word, laughing and gasping in delight, never daring to question whether their stories were true or not. A swell read.               Brian Taggert, Screenwriter, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.   

The Unauthorized Letters of Oscar Wilde – Hemingway First Novel Award.

“Exceptional, smart and playful, a novel of quiet seductions.  An imagined correspondence between Wilde and the author that turns into a drama of cross-century friendship.” D.T. Max, New York Times Book Review; 

“A charming read.  I’m sure Grandfather would have seen the fun of it.” Merlin Holland, author, grandson of Oscar Wilde.  

“A style so conversational and amusing, it felt like Holloway was sitting at my dinner table.  Postmodern parallels with Wilde abound.  Sex as gross indecency and sex as medical problem.” Ellis Hanson, Author, Decadence & Catholicism

My Letters From Ludwig – Novel about Ludwig II, the 'Mad' King

“The narrative rocks – from the word go, I was riveted.  A gallery of gloriously camp characters…comic and grotesque.   Ludwig’s world is fascinating…Utterly convincing…A forgery of genius…Holloway’s mastery of plot, character and style evokes a lost and alien world…His probing and irreverent replies to ‘Mad’ Ludwig provide the perfect counterpoint…and took a lot of balls!” Thomas Wright, critic, Times Literary Supplement (London)  

“With ‘My Letters From Ludwig,’ C. Robert Holloway emerges as the Kitty Kelly of historical fiction.” Jill Jackson, King Features Syndicate 

The Legend of Jean Lafitte, Pirate & Patriot - Screenplay

“We are pleased to inform you that your screenplay "The Legend of Jean Laffite" was selected as our first place winner. Your story was entertaining, well thought-out and well written.”  Terri Wheaton, 2007 Blazing Quill Screenwriting Competition 

The American Nightmare – Stage Play – (Co-writer/Director) Winner 6 Dramalogue Awards 

“One of the funniest satires seen anywhere in a long time.”  Daily Variety“Wry, witty, elegant, excellent cast.”  L.A. Times“Extremely stylish.  Fertile, satirical imagination, I enjoyed it immensely.” Hollywood Reporter


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